Sunshine Rehab of Maryland

Experienced professionals with dozens of years of practice.

We specialize in helping patients return to an active and healthy lifestyle
through our outstanding physical therapy program.

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Why Sunshine Rehab?

Locations easily available to public transportation.
Professional team owned establishment with vast knowledge of patient care, allowing for the best patient experience.
Several locations throughout Maryland for greater convenience.
Reisterstown Plaza / Pikesville

5623 Reisterstown Road
1st Floor
Baltimore, MD 21215

Baltimore City Office

1721 Pennsylvania Ave.
Suite# 201
Baltimore, MD 21217

Mailing Address

317 North Bend Road
Unit A
Westgate, MD 21229

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Mailing address: 317 North Bend Road, Baltimore, MD 21229
Phone: 410-941-2919 / Fax: 410-630-5561